Code Description Possible reasons
0 All OK  
1 Error in configuration
Command-line options:
  • bad address in /s parameter (should be 0x4000...0xffffff)
  • bad data for /w parameter (should be 1...9)
  • bad flash start address
  • file for loading into RAM is not specified (use /MB9xxx or /d parameter)
  • file for program/verify/read operation is not specified
  • MCU not selected
  • no data for /b parameter, bin filename is needed
  • no data in /d parameter, bin filename for RAM-execute is needed
  • unrecognized option
  • unknown prefix for parameter. Use '-' or '/'
  • /oCLOCK option not found in CHIPDEF.ini
  • bad format for boot filename in CHIPDEF.ini
  • Baud or Baud2 parameter error in CHIPDEF.ini
  • error in file format
  • unable to open CHIPDEF.ini
  • given MCU not found in CHIPDEF.ini
2 COM-port error
  • unable to open COM
  • unable to get parameters from COM
  • unable to set parameters to COM
  • unable to set timeouts for COM
  • unable to set baudrate
  • unable to control state of DTR/RTS pins
  • unable to write to COM
3 File operations error
  • unable to open boot file
  • unable to read boot file
  • file is too big
  • unable to open data file
  • unable to read from data file
  • unable to write to data file
4 BIROM operations error
  • MCU not reply during executing 'DOWNLOAD' command
  • bad reply during executing command 'EXEC'
  • BIROM operation error
  • MCU not found during test connect
5 RAM-execute operations error
  • autoerase fails
  • not received valid reply during autoerase
  • not received valid reply during test connect
  • not received valid ASK reply on command
  • not received valid OK reply on command
  • COMMAND fails
  • received wrong reply on command
  • received data block has incorrect size
  • CRC error in received data block
  • verify fails (prints address, readed value, and what must be)

If use /q - return one code "1" for any error.