InSystem Serial Programmer MB9X.     v3.00(win32)                 (c) S.Pinigin

USAGE: isp_mb9x [/param] [/MB9xFxxx | /d FILE]  [/b FILE] [/commands]

/[1..4] || /LCOM7                       - number COM port || name COM port
/iBiromBaud:ProgBaud                    - manual set BaudRate (/I4430:8861)
/iBiromBaud (ProgBaud = BiromBaud * 2)  - manual set BaudRate (/I4267)
/oCLOCK    - CPU clock: 4/8/16 or other, baudrate from CHIPDEF.INI
/MB91Fxxxi - Microcontroller type,  xxx - series number, 497 or other
/MB90Fxxxi                          i   - index, G or other or none
/b FILE    - binary or S-record (.mhx) FILE for programming to Flash
/d FILE    - RAM execute module FILE
/sXXXXXX   - start address for operations in HEX format (e.g., 0xff0000)
/wD        - timeout after RESET, D = 0..9 [*100ms]
/t         - DON'T use RTS/DTR for invoke BIROM mode and RESET generation
/g         - ONLY generate RESET pulse and ignore other commands
/n         - Print info messages in machine-readable format
/a         - Auto baudrate for BIROM, 4800/9600/19200 (for LX-family only)

COMMANDs:  /E~rase  /C~heck  /P~rogram  /V~erify  /R~ead
           /U (auto erase for MB91F362 - skip already erased sectors)

DEFAULTs:  MB90:  /1 /w4 /o16 /e /c /p (Start address read from CHIPDEF.INI)
           MB91:  /1 /w4 /o4  /e /c /p (Start address read from CHIPDEF.INI)


/1 Use COM1. Number of COM, 1 to 4.
/LCOM5 Use COM5. Name of COM device in system.

RS232 BaudRate

/o4 MCU main clock 4 MHz, BaudRate for this clock readed from CHIPDEF.INI (see "Clock" string in setup section for selected MCU)
/i4800 Manual select baudrate for BIROM. Baudrate for program mode is BIROM BaudRate * 2
/i4800:9600 Manual select baudrates for BIROM and program modes


/MB90F546G 16-LX family, Flash MCU, series number is 546, index G
/MB91F362 FR family, Flash MCU, series number is 362


/b filename.bin Binary file for writing to Flash
/b filename.mhx S-records (only S2) file for writing to Flash
/d filename.bin Binary file for loading and launching in RAM


/E Erase
/C Check
/P Program
/V Verify
/R Read
/G Only generate RESET pulse



Help screen.


Flash start address for operations in HEX format (e.g., 0xff0000).


Pause between RESET and test connect to MCU command. 0..9 * 100 ms, default: 400ms.


Swap functions of RTS and DTR RS232-signals.



DON'T use RTS and DTR RS232 signals, manually set-up BIROM mode and make Reset. Steps:

  1. Push and hold RESET;
  2. Set BIROM-mode;
  3. Launch isp_mb9x;
  4. Release RESET after message Wait RESET MCU;


Use parsing print format for report messages:

--- INFO  - information message
*** ERROR - error message


Auto select baudrate for BIROM, 4800/9600/19200 (for LX-family only)


Only for MB91F362, auto erase mode: skip already erased sectors. Faster programming when binary data size less than flash memory size.


Unified return code: returns 1 for any error.


  • Prefix symbol for commands and parameters either - or /

    -v == /v
  • Any succession of commands:

    /e /v /c == /v /e /c == /c /v /e
  • Commands case insensitive:

    /e == /E